In addition to a variety of tanks, including a 220-meter-long large towing tank filled with 18,500 tons of water, we have a wind tunnel. These facilities allow us to perform a wide range of fluid dynamic tests.

Model Test

Understanding actual phenomena is the basis for various performance developments. We perform high-precision measurements from model design and manufacturing to performance testing.


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R & D

Based on fluid dynamics, kinematics, and control engineering, we conduct applied research to develop marketable products.

About Akiken

Akishima Laboratory (AL) was established in 1978 in Akishima City, Tokyo, as a research institute of Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co. (now Mitsui E & S Co., Ltd.) and was equipped with a total of 5 tanks including large and small tanks and a wind tunnel. AL has been operating as an independent company since April 1, 1986. With the full use of various techniques, such as testing and measuring techniques, simulation calculations, and control technologies, AL has conducted a wide range of business from engineering to product development.

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